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  • Uploaded 2017/19/07
    by Daniël van den Berg
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Description of BluetoothToPc

To keep up with the modern world, connectivity is everything. Texting, WhatsApp, Facebook or the good old fashioned e-mail. We get more and more connected with the people we meet and the people we love. Yet somehow, simply sending some text from your phone to a pc seems to be a near impossible task.

I’ve often found myself in a position where someone sent me a link on my phone, and I found myself typing it out on pc. Or maybe passwords, saved in a note on a phone. With short passwords or simple links this isn’t too big of a deal, but once passwords get complicated or URLs reach over 50 characters, this tasks gets tedious. That’s why BluetoothToPc was created.

BluetoothToPc is a very simple Android App, combined with a small Java program for PC. Once the app is installed, and the program is running, sending text to your PC becomes a trivial task. As simple as selecting what you want to share, hitting the share button, and selecting where you want to send it. The text will then appear on your PC.

BluetoothToPc relies on the renown secure Bluetooth protocols for security, and is therefore completely secured from any eaves-droppers or man-in-the-middle attacks. And if you worry about any data collection by the app it self, feel free to check out the source code on
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