Farm Wars - Crops Trade Manager 1.4.4

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  • Version: 1.4.4
    Version Code: 99
  • 12.72 MB (13,338,425 bytes)
  • Android 4.1+
  • x86
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  • Uploaded 2019/13/06
    by LITE Games
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  • Strategy
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.5
Fixed shop deals.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.4
Redo shop section and added Deals.
Two new Wall types.
Fired certificates.
Removed restrictions on wheel spins.
Various fixes and enhancements..
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.3
Show the sow-cost-adjustment on fertilizers.
A few improvements.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.2
Directors cannot vote out the CEO anymore.
Members can now join a company with a stockpile.
Added few shortcut buttons on the Farm page.
Show next plot progress on the Farm page.
Replaced the Lotto with a daily Raffle.
Chat room changes.
Fixed various bugs.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.1
Re-balancing of crops/tractor/fertilizers.
Two new fertilizers added.
Ability to auto-start the game.
Some bug fixes.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.4.0
Added a Daily Lotto.
Various improvements.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.3.7
Fix stability issues.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.3.4
Various improvements and fixes.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.3.3
Fixed login problem for Android 4.4.x users caused by Facebook library.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.3.1
Added new chat rooms.
Fixed layout for next 3 demand times.
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.3.0
Many improvements with the major ones listed below:
- 2 new Power Cards Added.
- Soup Shop for Companies for more rewards.
- Third Mini-Game.
- Sow cost will be charged when upgrading a plot already busy sowing (ensuring fairness).
- Repricing of crops (same profit margins).
Whats new in Farm Wars 1.2.11
Fixed videos not always giving rewards.
Fixed Memory mini-game fitting on small screens.
Fixed factory summary screen using incorrect income value.
Description of Farm Wars - Crops Trade Manager
WARNING: This game is challenging, complex and highly addictive!

Farm Wars is your new favourite Farm Simulator. Imagine, you are a farmer trying to manage a fast growing area of farmlands! Join the community of managers and show them why you are the only one Pro Farm Tycoon.

You can play alone to fight for the top spot on a weekly leaderboard or found your own company to take this fight to a completely new level. Games reset weekly, giving everyone a chance to win and improve their strategy. Like in chess, the rules remain the same, but each game is completely different and players each week come back for more. If you’re a newbie, you’ll not be disappointed - everyone has an equal chance of winning.

We salute your courage and we wish you Happy Farm Wars Games! 


🚜 Enjoy a super-addictive gameplay and become a farm hero
👨‍🌾 Challenge your friends and other players
💰 Make money by selling crops and re-invest the profits into your business
🌾 Found your company and dominate crops market
🎁 Claim daily rewards and upgrade your tools
🌪 Don’t let disasters damage your farm
👩‍🌾 Compete (and beat) the other players and top the weekly leaderboard!


Farm Wars is a canny, not your average, farming game shaped around one dynamic marketplace. This real-time strategy, play-to-win game comprises a one week competitive and challenging rivalry which starts on Monday mornings and ends on Sunday evenings. Games reset weekly, giving everyone a chance to win and improve their strategy. Like in chess, the rules remain the same, but each game is completely different and players each week come back for more.

Join this MMO strategy game and compete against players worldwide to see who can make the most profit in one week. Plough the field, sow the seeds, harvest . . . and sell the crops on the market for cash. The market price for the different crops fluctuates, based on demand and activities of the other sellers. Plan your crops strategically to sell them at the best price and earn the maximum cash.

Navigate a volatile market on your own or skilfully join forces with others to manipulate the outcome. But, whatever you do, know that the competition is always watching. In the end there can be only one winner.

The market is based on buying and selling nine different crops. It can easily turn into a war zone which makes the gameplay challenging, compelling and competitive. Rule the Farming Market and become the champion by outsmarting the trade competition. Farm Wars is an addictive game which requires you to strategically think ahead to choose the right crop, to analyse the market and to sell at the right time to generate the maximum profit.

Farm Wars – a farm simulator for glory-chasers and supremacy seekers 18 years of age and older – promotes free enterprise, highlights the principles of economics and running a business, and stimulates interest in the farming industry. It is an outstanding example of gamification – the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to learn and to achieve their goals while having fun.

Farm Wars: It's fun, it's challenging and not your average farming game.

We are constantly working hard on making the game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you.

You can find our general terms and conditions here: ...and our privacy policy here:

Contact us directly at:

If you enjoy the game, please write a review to support us.

Thanks for playing!
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