Gladiation (Pocket Trainer) 44

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  • Version: 44
    Version Code: 44
    Package: com.AndysGame.PocketTrainer
  • 32.56 MB (34,141,227 bytes)
  • Android 4.0+
  • ARM7 x86
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  • Uploaded 2018/10/06
    by Andy Yip
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  • Action
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in Gladiation 44
fixed some bug... lol
Description of Gladiation (Pocket Trainer)
NEVER SEEN BEFORE game play(on mobile) with voice command controls!!
NO Pay-to-Win ever!
No leveling, equipment, limit break or whatever!
Simply Action-RPG, Arena, Dungeon, Puzzle and Maze game!!

Play Offline or Online!
What are you waiting for??
Invite your Friends and Battle your Friends RIGHT NOW!!
Show Them Skills!! See Who is Dominating the Arena!!
Gladiator! Recruitment! Combat! Evolve! Treasures! Traps! Arena! Explore! Adventure!
Anywhere! Anytime!
It's ALL up to you!!

It's a Adventure Game!!
Explore & Adventure in a 3D OPEN-WORLD!!!
Through Dungeons and Mazes!!

It's a RPG!!
Become the Master Gladiator Trainer!
Explore and recruit any Gladiator you've encountered!
Sharpen your skills...
Challenge Other Trainers and Bosses!! and be Challenged!!
Enter the Colosseum(Auto Battle), It's the place for FORTUNE!!!
Search Dungeons for Treasure, Trap Triggers, and BOSS!
Be the BEST of the Best!!

It's an Action-RPG!!
Sync Soul system:
Lead the way to VICTORY!!
Sync with your Gladiator and control your Gladiator. Move! Attack! Dodge!
everything is at your command!!
** Sync Soul can only be used once per battle, please use it wisely!**

Auto Combat system:
Leave it up to your Gladiator, let them decide what to do,
all you have to do is just Tap the HP boost icon to give them supports, their action may surprise you!

Voice Control Combat!!

How to use Voice Control.
1st, setup voice command in main world, there's a button located at top left corner of your screen.
2nd, go to battle and in Auto Combat Mode, check the Voice "tick" on the right side of the screen.
3rd, when the "Voice" changes to "Listening", just call the name of your pet and the skill you want to cast!!
And you are GOOD to GO, Commander!!

FOR EXAMPLE: you may say: (name)Pikachu! (skill name)Thunder Bolt!
then your Gladiator will do whatever you command!

REAL-Time Multi-Player Game!!

*** Multi-Player Game requires Sign-In to Google Account, Signed In Google Play uses different Save Data from NOT Sign In game Save Data***

With convenience tools as well!!
3x Battle Speed!
No Wild Encounters!
Enjoy the Dungeon and Maze & explore without disturbs!
Just make life much easier!!

Your Gladiator's HP is low!!
Wait for them to recover, or,
TAP, TAP & TAP their icon to boost their HP (while in menu screen).
Hate to keep tapping on your screen and wait for recovery?
Simply spend in-game currency to HEAL them, they will recover to FULL HP immediately!

Explore, Adventure, Anywhere, Anytime!
This is what mobile games supposed to be!

This game is made by
Andy Yip :)
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