Lover Compass 1.16

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  • Version: 1.16
    Version Code: 17
    Package: eu.theusefulapps.lovercompass
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  • Android 4.4+
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  • Uploaded 2018/29/07
    by theUsefulApps
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  • Dating
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in LoverCompass 1.16
v 1.16
design update of messages in compass view
v 1.15
First release
Description of Lover Compass
This app is made for couples that already share some kind of connection(e.g. romantic, or other) and are mostly some distance apart, but not necessarily.
Lover Compass stores your location(updated on interval specified by the user) and shares it with your partner, in case that an active connection exists between you two.
These automatic updates of your current location can be overriden into a manual mode and the user then decides whether or when to share his location with his active connections.
For each connection that you create (may also be a family member, your child, etc.) will this app provide you with a compass that points to your partners/connections last known location(or the actual location if the partner is also connected to you) and a simple map that shows location of you and your partner/connection, connected with a straight line representing the shortest distance between your gps coordinates.
Each connection window inside the compass view allows you to send your lover/connection a short message, to express your feelings, or whatever that is on your mind. These messages are not stored in the database(except for the last one), they remain visible only within this app.
Distance to your lover/connection can be displayed in both metric and imperial units.

- install
- sign up with facebook or email to create a simple profile
- your profile will get an unique profile ID
- use "Share my ID" option in main screen menu(top right)
- pick whatever service sms/messenger etc. to send your ID
- when your partner receives ID he can simply just select the whole message text (or just the ID itself) and click share and between all the programs that respond to sharing text requests you will now also have Lover Compass icon called Create connection, choose this one and the Apps Create connection window will appear which will process your partners ID and you can then click connect and request connection with your partner
- when your partner accepts your connection request, your connection will be created and you will be able to see each others locations use the compass, map and share your thoughts

I hope you will enjoy this simple app :)
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