Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.205

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Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.228
Hero Changes:
1. Theresa:
Magic Mark: Damage slightly increased. Silence duration slightly increased.
Shadow Form: Shadow cyclone damage slightly decreased and flight speed slightly decreased.

2. Russel:
Increased energy regen speed.
Inferno Orb: Damage greatly increased.
Inferno Crash: Slightly increased knockback distance. Damage greatly increased.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.223
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.222
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
1. Slimer King Slimer Region Slimer King sprays mucus at the ground, giving himself extra damage reduction for a time and gaining immunity to knock backs. Enemies stuck in mucus take damage, get silenced, and cannot use teleport skills.
Hero Changes:
2. Jasmine: Terror Shade: Greatly increased initial damage, shade movement speed slightly lowered.
3. Karas: Tengu Ward: Damage and healing greatly raised. Will no longer cast another Ward when one is active.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.221
Update Content:
1. New Star Trials Wild Chapter: "iAnimal" group heroes can destroy fruit that spawns on the battlefield to get greatly increased damage, attack speed, crit rate, crit damage, and lifesteal. Non-"iAnimal" group heroes will have greatly reduced damage, crit rate, crit damage, and lifesteal in this chapter. Pass Wild Chapter Elite difficulty to unlock Wild Soul.
2. Growth Fund adjusted to be available up to Lv 55. Reach certain conditions to claim a free reward.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.219
Update Content
1. Improved how the Forge "On Deck" slot works. Pending runes can now be canceled, but War Ashes will not be refunded.
2. When you have a large number of a certain type of Commander Chests, after using the 10x function, you can choose to open them all at once.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.218
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.214
Update Content:
1.Stars Trials Chaos Chapter: Reworked the mechanic for this chapter. When heroes enter battle, AD and AP will be swapped. The enemy will periodically be protected by a dark shield. Breaking this shield will greatly boost your teams' damage dealt. If you don't break the shield, the enemy's damage will be boosted.
2.Lowered hero star level required to light up Star Souls.
3.Increased Mercenary Tavern quest rewards.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.213
Update Content:
1. Max Troop level extended to Lv 105. Players who have already reached Lv 100 will receive diamonds and city rewards based on how long ago they reached Lv 100.
2. Hero and Skill max levels also extended to 105.
3. Hero Advancing extended to Red +1
4. Campaign Chapters 20 and 21 released.
5. Proving Grounds Difficulty 16 & 17 released.
6. Max Academy level extended to 105.
7. Ancient Ruins Chapters 7 & 8 released. Purple Talent level limit extended to Lv 9.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.212
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Yuan: Damage increased for Globetrotter and Red Cyclone.
Bug Fixes:
2. Luke: Fixed an error making the duration of Opening Salvo's enemy healing debuff different from what was expected.
Update Content:
1. Enhancing Commander Equipment Shard & Ichor equipment to max level will unlock a refining feature allowing players to spend Shards and Ichor to refine equipment.
2. Fixed a problem preventing Holy Flame from not working occasionally.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.211
Hero Changes:
1. Patra: Voodoo Child: Slightly lowered damage dealt at one stack.
2. Murphy: Poison Cure: Increased poison damage and healing effect.
3. Russel: Raised attack speed and basic attack damage.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.210
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Greeneye: Poison Bramble: Damage greatly increased.
2. Lorya:
Wind Defense: Greatly increased magic resist boost for self and allies.
Energy Wing: Will now periodically boost its own AP.
3. Kaiser:
Kaiser Hurl: Will prioritize enemy mid-row targets.
Beast Spirit: Greatly increased magic resistance for iAnimal Group teammates.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.209
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
Xerxes: Imperial Champ: When casting Imperial Favor, a Guard or Captain will be made immune to most CC skills. His HP will be fully restored and his AD and ATK SPD greatly increased.
Hero Adjustments:
Imperial Guard: The AoE dmg reduction effect for Guards will no longer increase with skill level.
Eternal Reign: Receives a AD boost for self, and AoE dmg reduction effect no longer increases with skill level.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.208
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Slightly reduced knockback distance for Gearz, Sue, and Zoe's skills.
2. Pyre: Sanctuary: Fixed an error causing units to be affected by Flame Chain for too long.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.207
Hero Changes:
Hero Skins:
1. Candy: Candy Handout: When taking damage, gives self and up to 2 nearby allied hero units candy, providing a shield effect. This effect cannot be triggered again for a brief time.
Hero Adjustments:
2. Blissa: Improved how her ultimate "Revival" is cast so that it will cast more reliably.
Bug Fixes:
3. Pyre: Fixed a bug possibly preventing Pyre from dying.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.206
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
1. Centax: Abyss Asylum: Raises his own max HP and the Crit Resist of all allied units. Each time Centax enchants an enemy, another stack of the effect will be added, stacking up to 5 times. Meanwhile, basic attacks will extract up to 45 pts of energy based on star level.
Hero Adjustments:
2. Centax: Abyss Gaze: Each time this skill is cast, the total redirected energy will not exceed 30% of Centax's max HP.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.205
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Lotus: Karmic Fire: Will cast on the enemy closest to Lotus first. Skill damage slightly increased.
2. Vala: Skill order tweaked: Now Awakened Vala will cast Frost Asylum after casting Frost Bite.
3. Luke: Opening Salvo: When all other allied heroes are dead, Luke will stop flying immediately and drop bombs.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.204
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1.Medea: Baneling Bite: Slightly increased summoned Baneling HP
2.Lorya: Tornado Strike: Greatly increased skill damage, enemy AP debuff effect, and effect duration.
Bug Fixes:
3.Medea: Wicked Web: Fixed a bug allowing silenced enemies to still be able to cast skills.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.203
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Bibo:
Increased skill damage of Bibo Blast and Bibo Barrage.
2. Pandarus:
Increased skill damage of Spirit Arrow and Poison Snare.
Hero Awakening:
3. Ingrid: Frost Anthem: Heals self and up to 3 nearby allies, raises their magic resistance for a short time, and also lowers the amount of crit damage they receive.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.202
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
1. Vala Frost Asylum Deals AoE damage to nearby enemies and makes self and nearby allies immune to knockbacks for a time, also reducing effectiveness of energy debuffs.
Bug Fixes:
2. Luke: Fixed error allowing his Opening Salvo to deal damage to Subterra Scylla.
3. Blissa: Fixed problem causing Abyss Frost to appear to increase Max HP limit.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.201
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. York:
Tear Gas: Skill reworked as "Captain's Bounty": Casts randomly at one enemy hero, dealing physical damage and marking him/her. When the marked unit dies, all allied heroes will get bonus energy and a permanent AD boost.
Flame Thrower: Increased base damage.
2. Robin:
Primitive Fury: Raised Max HP, Armor, and Magic Resistance when transforming. Base attack speed increased after transforming.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.199
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Coco: Shadow Dancer: Increased Shadow Dancer attack damage. They now inherit a portion of Coco's attributes.
2. Luke: Opening Salvo: Luke will complete his flight faster and drop bombs more frequently.

Hero Skins:
3. Diaochan: Salome: When casting Heart Breaker, she will separately cause the enemies with the highest AP and AD to take continuous magic dmg.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.198
Update Content:
1. The Alliance Help feature is unlocked when an Alliance reaches Lv 4. Alliance members can asked other members for help and earn Friend Pts by buying items for allies. Friend Pts can be exchanged for various items. The higher one's alliance Level, the more help requests and exchange rewards you'll get. The higher an alliance's weekly total Friend Pts, the more bonus rewards it can get.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.197
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Alma:
Ghost Swarm: Skill damage increased.
Ghost Strike: Skill damage increased.
2. Greeneye:
Poison Bramble: Slightly increased this skills casting speed.
Poison Therapy: Slightly raised healing amount.
Bug Fixes:
3. Yuan: Fixed an error preventing Red Cyclone from dealing damage to units in its path.
4. Pyre: Fixed an error with Flame Chain possibly preventing Nirvana from triggering when Pyre dies.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.196
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1.Candy: Candy Twist: Slightly increased skill area of effect.

Bug Fixes:
2.Fixed an error resulting in Sebastian's Time Bomb skill causing less AD and AP reduction than anticipated.

3.Fixed an bug preventing Large Mage Shoe from lowering enemy AP.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.195
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Sue: Crazy Shot: After using this skill, Sue receives reduced AoE damage.

2. Thanos: Attack range slightly increased.
Fire Flock: Damage greatly increased.

Hero Skins:
3. Yuan: Bruce•True: After using Globetrotter or Red Cyclone, the next basic attack will be replaced with a roundhouse kick, jumping at the furthest enemy within attack range and knocking this enemy airborne.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.194
Hero Changes:

Hero Adjustments:

1. Kaiser: Gorilla Tactic: Increased post-dodge HP regen effect. Total regen limit raised to 150% of Max HP.

2. Tartarus: Fighting position moved forward. Movement speed increased.

3. Jason: Movement speed increased.

4. Medea:

Shadow Bind: Will cast on hero units first. Damage increased. Bind effect cannot be removed by Scorpion.

Shadow Smash: Greatly increased skill AoE. Slightly raised silence duration.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.193
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
Delphos: Position adjustment. Changed to a back row hero and increased the range of basic attack and all skills.

Update Content:
1. Star Trials New Addition Attraction Chapter: In these trials, the enemy will periodically summon railgun blasts to attack your heroes. Using an ultimate to attack a magnet on the battlefield will draw allied Gunner and Sci-fi Movie heroes away from the blast.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.192
Hero Changes:
New Hero:
Treagar: Mid row Cannon. Physical basic attack. Tempts adventurers with treasure and devours them.
Update Content:
1.Increased the single-time mercenary training maximum.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.189
Energy Core: Greatly increased Energy Core’s damage and HP.
Energy Beam: Will cast on hero units first. Damage greatly increased.
Tech Leap: When Energy Beam is cast, she will get a bonus shield and immunity against the vast majority of CC effects.
Tengu Ward: Greatly increased HP regen effect.
Stone Hurl: The three falling stones will cover a larger attack range.
Molten Fissure: Increased the damage and max HP of the little stone men from the fissure.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.188
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
Lotus Path: This skill has been reworked to knock airborne one enemy mid row hero, dealing AoE damage upon landing, while also knocking back enemies nearby Lotus.
Attack distance and range slightly increased.
Flame Chain: Will prioritize mid row heroes as the skill's target.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.187
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
Candy Twist: Greatly increased shield effect. Basic attacks of heroes who receive a shield effect will no longer cast a Bitter Taste effect on their targets.
Bitter Taste: Greatly increased healing absorption effect and effect duration. This state can be stacked up to 5 times.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.185
Update Content
1.Improved the Commander Equipment Chest interface. Now players can easily see how many chests were claimed that day and how many are left to claim. Players can also easily look up how much Troop Exp they need to reach the next special chest level.
2.When mercenary housing cost exceeds 27000 players can dismiss unneeded mercenaries.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.184
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. The following heroes' ultimates will first be cast on heroes within their casting range:
Ariel, Seeley, Gerber, Charon, Smoke, Yuan, Hecate, Rek, Delphos, Ruby
Bug Fixes:
2. Vulkan: Fixed an error preventing the molten rock from his Volcano Blast ultimate from disappearing after Vulkan dies.
3. Xerxes Fixed a bowman damage abnormality error.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.183
Hero Awakening:
Red Lotus Seed: All of Nezha's skills are enhanced.
Omnitractor: Damage increases as the number of hits increases.
Impenetrable: Can deflect up to 2 projectiles and while being cast, Nezha's armor & magic resistance go up.
Steel on Steel: Removes any armor/magic resistance debuffs on Nezha when cast.
Battle Hardened: Gives Nezha extra attack speed and atk dmg after 10 stacks.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.182
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Rams:
Scarab Rush: No longer consumes his HP. Rams will summon 1 extra Scarab when his HP is below 50%, and 2 extra when below 25%.
Evil Offering: No longer consumers his HP.
2. Bauer:
Base attack speed slightly increased.
3. Gearz:
Ultimate Barrage: When casting Full Throttle, it removes any negative effects he is under.
4. Max:
Force Field: Force Field will now cast directly under Max.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.180
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Gerber:
Rhine Shield: Light shield HP increased and immunity granted for the majority of CC effects.

2. Ingrid:
Frozen Mist: This skill will no longer prioritize targeting a Gearz currently in a state of invincibility after casting his ultimate.

3. Sue:
Base range slightly increased.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.179
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
1. Aurora: Solar Halo:
Periodically gives a teammate a Solar Halo. Each time Solar Flare or Dancing Ray is cast, pulses will emit from the Halo and scorch nearby enemies with magic dmg. Allied heroes within pulse range will get a Sun's Blessing effect.

Hero Adjustments:
2. Quinox: Oblivion:
Clone attributes for the copied enemy hero will be limited by Quinox’s own attribute limits.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.178
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Jason: Soul Chain: Will no longer affect summoned creatures.

2. Luke: Opening Salvo: Improved how this skill is cast so that Luke enters battle more quickly after completing Opening Salvo.

Update Content:
1. Added more engravings to War Sanctuary, capable of greatly increasing World Map fighting capability.

2. Improved battle reports for World Map battles. Now players can see HP levels pre- and post-battle.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.172
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Pandarus:
Spirit Arrow: Greatly increased the blast range of the arrow after it hits the target.
Healing Screen: Greatly increased the amount of healing absorbed. This skill now receives an ability power boost.
Plague Carrier: Changed the way this skill is triggered so that all enemies hit by Poison Snare become carriers. Plague damage has been increased.

2. Jolie:
Ball Barrage & Combo Shot: Increased base damage.
Hero Skins:
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.171
Hero Awakening:
1. Vortex:
Eye of the Storm: Receives a storm fragment each time he gets extra energy via Energy Draw. Each fragment gives Vortex a damage-absorbing shield. At 6 fragments, Vortex will unleash his stored energy as an arc of electricity, dealing damage to enemies.
Hero Adjustments:
2. Rengoku:
Iron Aura: Decreased the distance that protected ally units move backwards when this skill’s substitute effect is triggered.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.170
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Lee:
Splitter and Clone Attack will not awaken sleeping enemies.
Phase Bulwark: Greatly increased skill duration.
2. Sue:
Imprison Shot: Increased skill range. In auto-fight mode, the skill will be cast on the enemy hero with the lowest HP.
3. Kaiser:
Kaiser Hurl: Damage increased.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.169
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Lee:
Splitter and Clone Attack will not awaken sleeping enemies.
Phase Bulwark: Greatly increased skill duration.
2. Sue:
Imprison Shot: Increased skill range. In auto-fight mode, the skill will be cast on the enemy hero with the lowest HP.
3. Kaiser:
Kaiser Hurl: Damage increased.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.168
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Merlynn:
Fairy Counter: Duration of transformation after an enemy kills the small animal will increase with the skill’s level.
2. Pyre:
Phoenix Heart: Will prioritize teleporting to the weakest hero unit, not the weakest unit in general.
3. Jacob:
Claw Swipe: Greatly increased damage.
4. Pulan:
Frost Slam: Greatly increased damage.
5. Bedivere:
Cleaver: Greatly increased damage.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.167
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Ingrid:
Frozen Mist: Slightly shortened damage immunity duration and slightly raised healing frequency.
2. Rek:
Rock Armor: Will add a physical damage-absorbing shield to himself, nearby teammates, and the weakest teammate. Shield effect does not stack.
3. Greeneye:
Nature’s Blessing: Slightly increased its area of effect.
Poison Therapy: Will heal hero units first. Raised healing effect.
Poison Spore: Increased each hit of damage.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.166
Hero Changes:
Hero Skins:
1. Ruby: Water Gun
Fuel Pack: Each crit strike by Ruby or a teammate will give Ruby one fuel pack. When Ruby casts Booster Shot, each fuel pack will hit an additional nearby enemy. Store up to 2 fuel packs.
Captain Skill:
2. Retribution Totem:
Increased HP and damage of Retribution Totem. Can now deal more damage to summoned creatures.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.165
Hero Changes:
Hero Awakening:
1. Chavez:
Gale Strike: When an ally uses a teleport skill and reaches the target destination, it will deal damage to nearby enemy units and provide bonus lifesteal for nearby allied units.
2. Rengoku
Iron Aura: When casting Iron Stance, up to 2 nearby allies also receive its effect.
When allies with Iron Stance get attacked, they will be protected by a substitute & throw a shuriken at the attack's source.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.164
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Russel
Inferno Crash: Uses his large body to bump into the enemy, causing damage and knocking them back, and then returning to his original position after the crash.
Inferno Flame: Summons hell flames to increase his ability power and give his next basic attack extra damage equal to a percentage of his missing HP.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.163
Hero Changes:
Hero Adjustments:
1. Knock back skill effects for Zoe, Sue, Lotus, and West will increase or decrease based on the distance between them and the target, so that the closer an enemy is, the farther he or she will get knocked back, and vice-versa.
2. Patra: Slightly lowered base attack speed and lowered damage dealt by Voodoo Child.
3. Brunhilde: Lowered damage dealt by Frostbite.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.161
Hero Awakening:1. Patra: Divine Scourge - When Patra's Venomancer hits a target with Voodoo, the Voodoo will be transmitted to subsequent ricochet targets. When Patra triggers 2nd & 3rd layers of Voodoo, it will deal extra damage to the enemy.Hero Adjustments:2. Quinox:Light Guardian: Raised shield value.Oblivion: The attributes of copied clones of Quinox will be affected by the original’s attributes.3. Merlynn: Fairy Counter – Greatly increased the duration of transformation.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.160
Hero Changes:Hero Awakening:1. Jason: Iron Curtain - When Soul Chain is cast, Jason will randomly select two enemy targets. These targets will default to Jason as their target, and Jason will get damage reduction against their attacks.Hero Adjustments:2. Lotus: Lotus Path: Lowered damage dealt upon landing.3. Bedivere: Slightly increased his energy regen speed.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.159
Hero Changes:Hero Adjustments:1. Zoe: Magnet Cluster; Pearl: Ocean Power; Gearz: Advanced Artillery; Saizo: Sword Master; West: Quick Draw; Gridlock: Extreme Fire; Jolie: Snooker Pro; Tartarus: Soul Terror; Pandarus: Bullseye; Luke: Advanced Weaponry; Grunk: Stonewall; Yuan: Gale Fist; Honey: Lucky Shot—the above skills all receive extra benefits as one’s attack damage attribute increases. The boost effect from skill level upgrading was also slightly lowered.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.158
1. Elite Dungeona) Elite Dungeon extended to Layer 20. Green equipment reforging material now available.b) 3 types of special effects added to Destruction battleground layers to display how many units heroes have killed.c) The HP levels of allied soldiers in Protection layers will copy the HP percentage of the hero with the lowest HP on your team.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.157
Hero Changes:Hero Adjustments:1. Xerxes:Imperial Guard: Reduced max HP for Imperial Guards and raised their base attack power.Hero Awakening:2. PaganiniBeautify: Raises damage dealt by Paganini to male heroes and reduced damage received by Paganini from female heroes.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.156
Hero Adjustments:1. Bedivere:Eliminate: Increased skill casting range. Deals damage to the weakest enemies, and if the target’s HP is lower than 30% of Bedivere’s max HP, it will cast Elimination Blade on the target, dealing physical damage equal to Bedivere’s max HP. If the enemy is then killed, Bedivere will get bonus energy.Cleaver: Bedivere gets a temporary armor boost for each enemy hit by this skill.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.153
Hero Adjustments:1. Haley: Slightly increased energy regen speed.2. LotusRage Fire: Lowered burning damage for this skill.3. Honey:Ethereal Dose: Slightly lowered the attack power boost provided by this skill.Splitter Shot: Slightly lowered the attack power boost provided by this skill.Skin Adjustments:4. UtherPaladin Blessing: Slightly decreased the duration of physical damage immunity and sustained healing effects.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.152
Hero Adjustments:1. The following heroes have received voiceover dialogue:Jasmine, Halley, Quinox, Centax, Lotus, Slash, Honey, Lucifer, Max, Hecate, Bauer, Nezha, Norman, Greeneye, Noel & Snow, Patra, Rengoku, Vala2. JasmineNight Attack: We increased the HP of the magic lamp so that it’s not that easy to destroy it.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.151
Hero Adjustments:1. GreeneyePoison Bramble: Increased damage dealt by this skill.Poison Therapy: Increased healing effect for this skill.2. RusselDemon Oath: Postponed the signing of the first demon oath after the start of the battle.3. IngridHail Storm: Improved skill description.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.149
Hero Skins:1.AuraiSocialite: When using Heavy Fog, it will deal damage to and blind up to 3 back row enemies and lower their attack power.2.GrunkFrankenstein: Grunk changes into a boulder after Molten Fissure is triggered, dealing dmg & a small knock back effect to enemies hit. Rock minions from Molten Fissure also turn into a boulder upon death, but do not deal a knock back effect.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.148
Hero Adjustments:1. West: At the start of battle, West will fire his skills more calmly and not crazily fire Energy Chaser.2. Sue: Deadly Shot will fire before Blast Shot.3. Centax, Norman, and Lotus soulstones are now available in Elite and Legend stages.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.147
Hero Adjustments:1. RekWe increased the casting range of all of Rek’s skills and put him further towards the back to enable him to protect the back row better.Hero Awakening:2. RamsDesert Scorpion: Casting Hell Gate or Evil Offering will summon a giant scorpion which will attack a nearby enemy. When the scorpion dies, it will deal damage to surrounding enemies and blind them.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.145
1. Beast Soul Tourneya) Players can now choose an auto-fight option when facing relatively weaker opponents. This option will allow our AI system to carry out the hero ban/pick phase and fight the battle automatically.b) Beast Soul Tourney auto-fight unlocks at Troop Lv 80.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.141
Hero Changes:Hero Awakening1. RekBonecrusher - Targets hit by Heavenly Body will take an extra hit of damage. Rek's basic attack and Heavenly Body attack will crush the bones of enemy units, lowering their attack speed.Hero Adjustments:2. MurphyPoison Cure: Will target hero units first.3. DiaochanTake Flight: Will continue regening energy for 5s when an enemy unit dies.4. RekWe’ve tweaked Rek’s battle position so that he can protect the back row more effectively.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.140
Hero Adjustments1. YuanAfterimage Fist: HP and attack power of the fist increases as Yuan’s attributes increase.2. RamsHell Gate: Increased Hell Gate’s HP.3. KarnaMagic Brilliance: Increased the damage of extra explosion triggered by Magic Burst. Increased damage of glowing snare produced by Magic Halo. Increased range and damage of Magic Flash’s extra explosion.4. PatraAdded availability of Patra Soulstones.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.139
Hero Awakening:1. Kong MingUtmost Effort: When Kong Ming's dragon dies, the weakest teammate will get an HP boost. When Kong Ming takes a fatal hit, he will become immune to most damage for a period of time. This effect will only trigger once during a battle.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.138
Update Content:1. Mercenary Canyon & Monster Fortsa) Mercenaries in battle now are shown with circular HP bars.b) Added an on/off toggle for Mercenary Canyon-related push notifications in the settings menu.c) Now Shadow Gold obtained from events can exceed the max storage level of one’s Shadow Treasury.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.137
Update Content:1. Mercenary Canyon & Monster Forta) Improved mercenary info page. Mercenary special characteristics are now displayed like skills.b) Improved the animation effect after training mercenaries.c) Improved the mercenary selection page when going to battle on the World Map and added support for clearing mercenary selections with one press.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.135
Hero Changes:Hero Awakening:1. Sebastian: Time Reversal - Periodically casts Time Reversal for teammates. When a unit with Time Reversal takes lethal damage, his or her HP will revert back to its level 8s before death, also receiving greatly increased attack speed, AD & AP.Hero Adjustments:2. JasonFeast: Increased healing amount to teammates.3. MerlynnElven Summons: Increased elf’s HP, which will grow as Merlynn grows.4. HecateCerberus: Raised his base attack speed.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.133
Update Content:1. Flowersa) Greatly increased the rewards for sending 99 and 999 flowers. Players will now get a large amount of Shadow Essence.2. Demon Kinga) Greatly increased the HP of high level Demon King.3. Fatigue Statea) Slightly increased the damage penalty after entering a fatigued state in World Map battles.4. World Ruler Policya) Raised mining amounts from 8% to 20%.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.132
1. Announcement Board: Abner’s Prophecya) Added “Abner’s Prophecy” to the right side of the main page. Abner will foretell of new content to come in future updates.2. Abyss Treasurea) Fixed a problem potentially causing Abyss Treasure to be in an abnormal state at daily reset time.b) Fixed a problem causing monster number in Normal Abyss to be inaccurate.Improvements:1. Re-ordered avatar selections in the player avatar selection page.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.131
Update Content:1. Sky Citya) Added new milestones and corresponding rewards.b) We revised Malachi so that he plays more like he was initially designed to do.Attribute Adjustment: Greatly raised his armor and magic resistance.Soul Feast: Raised the proportion of damage Malachi receives when a summoned creature is killed.c) Malachi’s ranking board will be reset, and players who have already unlocked Sky City at the time of the update will receive a compensation reward.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.130
Update Content:1. Healing Springa) Now troops will automatically regen HP when attacking wild Goblins and Frost Elves from the Demon King event, just like when attacking mines.b) The healing amount will still cost a small amount of Healing Spring water.2. Sky City Shopa) After reaching a certain achievement, players can use blue low-level Sky Coins to exchange for high-level resources.3. Added an on/off switch in Chat for automatic translation.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.128
Update Content:1. Added new Sky City Boss: SparSpar possesses supreme battle tactics. Whenever he receives any physical damage, he will immediately cast a counterattack on the attacker. Mages however can deal bonus damage to him, so put down your swords, and destroy him with magic!2. War Sanctuarya) Added Lv 8 Ash Mineb) Increased amount of Ashes received from purchases, particularly apparent at low levels.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.124
Update Content:1. March Emojisa) When a troop is marching, you can tap on Intel and use an emoticon for your troop to represent your feelings.b) Other players will be able to see your emoji status on your troop’s airship.2. War Sanctuarya) Added an email notification when a looted Tree Core is returned.b) Added power boosts from Tree Cores in Battle Power comparisons.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.121
Update Content:1. War Sanctuarya) Players will now get some bonus Ashes for looting another player’s Tree Core.b) Added a button to buy Ashes 10x in a row.c) Improved help text for Magic Defense Tower.d) Improved the explanation for how to get War Ashes.2. Added language support for Persian. Enable in the Settings menu.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.116
Hero Awakening:According to the results of our player-wide voting, the hero to be Awakened in the update is: Spar!Awaken Skill: Extreme Rage – In Rage mode, all skills will be enhanced. Spar Slam can knock back enemies; Blood Axe will make enemies bleed, dealing continuous damage; Spar Storm will give extra crit strike bonus.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.115
Update Content:1. Talent System Changes:a) Added a Talent Shop in which players can spend Talent Coins to buy Captain Skill fragments, Talent fragments, and stardust stones.Daily Hotspot Captain Skill fragments have been removed from Stardust Wish, and meanwhile the Talent Shop will provide two kinds of Captain Skill fragments for players to redeem.2. Added a special picture to notification messages regarding special airships.3. Added a rune “Quick Fill” function for Rune Cores.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.114
Update ContentNew Beast Soul Set—Deadly ScorpionSuitable Heroes: Physical marksmen, some Supports, and Cannons.Two Set Effects: Increases a hero’s attack damage and magic resistance.Three Set Effect: When dealing damage to a target, it will also lower the amount of HP regen received by the target for a 4 second period (includes healing and lifesteal).2. Alliance Group Emailsa) Added a “message read” notice.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.113
1. War Guardiana) A War Guardian sweep function will be unlocked at Troop Lv 70, enabling players to sweep and get rewards equal to the previous manual challenge.b) Each sweep will cost a sweep crystal. Once crystals are used up, the player must play War Guardian manually.2. Throne Warsa) Added a pictorial guide for first-time participants in Throne Wars.b) Made improvements to Throne and Magic Tower pages.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.112
Update Content1. To Do Pointsa) At Lv 50 and above players can claim all their To Do chests with one tap.Improvements:1. Fixed problem with pack prices possibly not showing.2. Improved skill demos of some Beast Soul skills.3. In War Guardian, players can tap to skip the “next enemy wave” animation when it comes up.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.111
Update Content:1. Beast Soul Dissolvinga) Surplus Beast Soul components can now be dissolved.b) Players can now enter Beast Soul Storage and select their unwanted soul components to be dissolved. It is recommended to dissolve Blue components first.c) Players will get soul crystals for dissolving components, including a full refund of all soul crystals spent on refining the components.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.110
Update Content:1. Alliance CarrierAdded a new building to Alliance Turf: the Alliance Carrier. It allows alliance members to quickly and easily relocate their castles.2. Captain Skills Balancinga) Team Shield: Slightly increased shield value.b) Boost Totem: Slightly increased duration of the buff.c) Flame Weapon: Increased chance of being triggered.d) True Strike: Slightly raised damage.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.109
Update Content:1. Arena Mystery Enemya) After Lv 80, every so often there’s a chance that a mystery opponent will appear in the Arena.b) Defeating this mystery enemy will give a player a chance of winning diamonds, arena coins, gold and other rewards, and the mystery enemy will not reappear again for a certain period of time.2. To Do Ptsa) Improved animation effects for To Do page, and animations will only be played when entering the To Do page from another page.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.108
Update Content:1. Main Citya) Equipment Forge, Dragon Prayer, Talent, Beast Soul, and Rune Core systems have been merged into a new building: Hero Temple.2. Beast Soul Tourneya) Added a new feature: Instant Win. Skip low-level division battles to promote yourself quicker and get rewards.b) Only usable in the lower divisions. The highest division that a player can reach using Instant Win is related to their final division in the previous season.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.107
Update Content1. Rune Drops:a) Some purple and orange rune fragment drops have been raised in Campaign stages.b) Added extra purple or orange rune fragment drops to stages of all difficulties for Ch. 12-16.c) Lowered the required level for some Orange runes one level.2. Added a privileges system to the Proving Grounds which will greatly increase the amount of rune/gold/exp drops from Trials.a) Unlocks at Troop Lv 80.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.105
Update Content:1.Experience Bottle Dropa)Increase the number of Experience Bottles in all 16th and 17th Campaigns.b) Increase Exp drop of Exp Trial: Difficulty XIII(13).c) Increased the number of Exp obtained when Levy Exp above the 91 level2.Increased the number of Lv8/9/10 mines on the big map.3.Dragon Prayera) The addition of an automatic prayer function, you can easily carry out continuous prayer.b) Unlock Dragon Priest LV12+
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.104
Update contents:1. Wild Monster Raida) Newly added Lv6 & Lv7 Wild Monster, players may get more Exp and Gold from rally.2. Alliance Gifta) Adjusted the content of the Alliance Gift, now the reward from alliance gift is more attractive.3. Rune Corea) After the Rune core has reached to max level, overflowed energy will become random white rune.b) Fixed Max’s showing of rune core errors.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.103
Get our Google Play Year-End Deal: [New Year Super Pack + 50% Off]Update contents:1. Sky Citya) Added a red dot notice mark,When Sky City is ready for challenge.b) Improved AI of Auto fight in Sky City2. Rune corea) Added animation for Rune material3. Subterraa) Added a new Practice Mode. Every day, you can practice your fighting skills with any boss you want.4. Kingdom Wara) During the Kingdom War, if arena takes your castle’s location, you will get receive a compensation letter.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.102
Update Content:1. Max troop level increased to 95.a) Max Hero level : skill level increased to 95.b) New advance: orange+4 orange+5.2. Sky Citya) Sky City will be unlocked once there is a player reached level 90 in the server. Then players higher than Lv80 could join the challenge of Sky City.b) Challenge of Sky City will be opened on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be 3 unique Boss in Sky City and each day a different Boss will wait player to challenge.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.101
Update contents:1. Flower sending functiona) Tap on a players name card to enter that player's flower room where you can send flower. Flowers can get from To Do chests and by spending diamonds.2. Brand New Christmas Citya) New Christmas City online, mystical Christmas tree will open with Christmas event3. Alliance Wara) Improved the participating requirements of Alliance War. now the participating is based on alliance point.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.100
Update Content:1. Hero Commentsa) New translating function for Hero Comments.2. Alliance Turfa) If two alliances Turf areas conflict your Citadel will not be downgraded if the enemies Citadel never have reached level 3.Improvements:1. Improved logging speed.2. Improved the order of the items in the bag.3. Improved Bedivere’s skill description.4. Improved how the buffs are displayed on world map.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.99
Update Content:Subterraa) To accommodate players in more time zones, opening times for Subterra have been changed to server time 5:00-8:00, 11:00-14:00, and 18:00-21:00.b) We’ve improved data transmission for joining rooms between servers to reduce “timeout” occurrences.c) Now players can send up to 5 invitations to the same players within a 15 minute time window. (Originally 1 invitation)d) Bug fix: Scylla’s HP regen skill was sometimes mistakenly interrupted.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.97
Update Content:1. Subterraa) Added more recommended heroes. Players can see more thumbs up when setting their teams.2. Beast Soul Wardinga) Added a shortcut for Beast Soul Storage so that it’s easy to view all the different types of soul components.3. Magic SquaresAfter marching to a guard point, now you can only send out a guard troop once to avoid endlessly sending out troops to get a high score.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.96
Update Content:1. Beast Soul Protectiona) Improved skill descriptions and the skill page. When viewing Beast Soul skills, players can long-press on an icon to view specific information for that skill.2. Academy Double Buff and Mine Double Buff.a) Added two types of buffs in the Academy to increase the amount of resources that the Academy produces or the amount of resources that Mines produce for a period of time.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.94
Update Content1. A new event is coming to the event calendar, so stay tuned!a) Players can get bonus stamina items such as savory sausages, juicy chicken legs, etc. just by participating in various gameplay during the event.2. Beast Soul Protectiona) Improved how some things are done in the Beast Soul interface.b) Improved skill descriptions.3. Magic Squaresa) Added a server ranking.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.93
1. Added an indicator for number of idle airships to the left of the main page.2. Even when battle reports for Crystal Dungeon and Ancient Ruins expire, they will still display something so that player lineups can be viewed. If there’s a new battle report later, the expired one will be replaced.3. Fixed a bug that may have prevented the game from reconnecting or being unable to tap the reconnect button.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.92
Update Content:1. Added a Gender Authentication feature.a) Players can authenticate their gender and receive a special gift.b) After verification, player avatar borders will be changed accordingly. Avatar borders will be displayed in World Chat, Ranking boards, etc.2. Magic Squares3. Talents & Captain Skills
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.91
Update Content1. Shadow Essence Discount2. Activity Pointsa) Buying Bread will now add to a player’s activity points.b) Activity points received for logging in daily changed to both logging in and signing in to help players avoid forgetting to do Daily Sign In.3. Magic Squares update4. Improved the opponent match up algorithm for Elite Crusade, slightly lowering Elite Crusade difficulty.5. World Map Search
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.90
1. Magic Squares2. When attacked by other players on the World Map, if I’m in the middle of Campaign, Crystal Dungeon, Crusades, etc., a message will display on screen notifying the player of the attack.3. Throne Warsa) Magic Tower emails can be toggled on or off in the Settings menu.b) Improved the display of the change log for Magic Towers, and now players can scroll left or right to switch between the Throne and the 4 Magic Towers.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.89
Update Content:1. Added a toggle to Alliance Chat allowing players to turn off all Soul Exchange requests, hero requests, etc.2. Added a new batch of Hero Name Cards.Improvements:1. Improved the function for viewing update announcement while updating.2. Added an on/off toggle for livestreaming in iOS 10.3. Improved the process of purchasing items in the Alliance Turf Black Market.4. Improved sorting in Soul Exchange.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.88
Update Content:1. New Gameplay: Magic Squares2. Urgent Alliance Messages3. Players can now view the update announcement at the login screen when the game is updating.4. Removed the Arena cooldown clock when Arena starts back up after a server merger.5. Added a new stage to War Guardian.6. Added a castle skin when players reach Lv 85.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.87
1. Crystal Dungeon extended from Layer 135 to Layer 150.a) At Layers 140 and 150 new equipment pieces will drop that can be used to synth a hero’s 8th piece of equipment.2. Talents3. Challenge chances for Ladder Tourney can now be bought every day.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.86
Update Content:1. Talentsa) Lowered the number of heroes required for a talent group.b) Added a Talent Wish shortcut in the Talent hero selection page.c) Added a red dot notification when in the hero selection page when a talent can be upgraded.2. Slightly raised the chance of purple runes appearing in the Market.3. Added 12 new Hero Name Cards.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.85
Update Content:1. Alliance Turf2. Ancient Ruins3. Added 2 new Alliance Tech items.4. Added a 2nd confirmation prompt when spending diamonds to buy high level runes in the Black Market/Mystery Market.5. Added 16 more Hero Name Cards.6. Added 1 new War Guardian map.7. Can now scroll left and right to switch into multiple shops for continuous shopping.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.84
Update Content:1. Alliance Turf2. Captain Skill Changes3. Players at VIP8 and above will now have a chance of getting discounts for two random runes when refreshing the Market, Black Market, or Mystery Market.4. Plaers can now use different airships on the World Map that come with their own special abilities.5. Replaced the Arena Cooldown Clock items in VIP packs.6. Added 1 map to War Guardian.7. Removed Gorgana from the Time Traveler shop.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.83
Update Content:1. New System: Talent.2. New System: Ancient Ruins.3. Alliance Turf Rule Adjustments.4. Added Bonus stage 9-3 with an appearance from a mystery Boss!5. Lowered the gold price of some runes in shops.6. Added 1 map to War Guardian.7. Added a 3rd batch of heroes to the hero name card system.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.82
1. Mega Mine Rule Changes.2. Added a 2nd batch of Hero Name Cards.3. Alliance Turf Rules Change:Turf Fragments cannot be looted when attacking an Alliance Citadel 2 levels lower of more than your own alliance’s.4. Added some more hero background stories.5. Added a map to War Guardian.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.81
Update Content:1. Alliance Turf System.2. Added background stories for some heroes.3. Added 2 maps to War Guardian.4. Slightly lowered the difficulty for Elite Crusade.Improvements:1. Restricted spamming Chat with repeat messages.2. Improved appearance of Demon King World Boss on the World Map.3. Improved prompts for high-level alliance buildings.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.80
英文1. New Tower Defense stage: Normal Difficulty 9-2 – Cleverly use the power of the tides to fight off monster invaders.2. There is now a “Hero Name Card” feature accessible from the player info page by tapping on the avatar in the top left of the main page.3. VIP2 now unlocks a Mine Quick Search function on the World Map: get precise search results for mines according to resource type and level.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.79
Update Content:1. Now an 8x Diamond Wish must give out a 3-star hero, with a possibility of giving out an extra 2-star hero.2. High level tech unlocked – opens at Kingdom Lv 80.3. Elite Crusade sweeps enabled at Lv 80.4. The hero for a first diamond wish is changing from Baggins to Emily.5. Lowered the probability of attributes neither increasing nor decreasing in Dragon PrayerYou can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.78
Update Content:1. Home City: Added an events calendar where players can preview that month’s giveaway events.2. New Home City merchant, the Time Traveler3. Raised amount of gold and Shadow Essence obtained from fighting in Throne Wars slightly.You can visit our official Facebook page or forum to view the full update announcement.
Whats new in Magic Rush 1.1.9
1. Beast Soul Tourneya) Players can now choose an auto-fight option when facing relatively weaker opponents. This option will allow our AI system to carry out the hero ban/pick phase and fight the battle automatically.b) Beast Soul Tourney auto-fight unlocks at Troop Lv 80.
Description of Magic Rush: Heroes
War is coming – Will you be ready? Summon heroes to defend your kingdom and charge the enemy in this one-of-a-kind RTS adventure!
Magic Rush: Heroes is a revolutionary combination of skill-aiming controls, a thrilling, real-time PvP Ladder Tourney mode, exciting multiplayer World Map battles, simple yet addicting Tower Defense, and more! Experience the fun of multiple different genres all wrapped up in one extraordinary game.

Rush forth on an unforgettable adventure that you won’t forget!


Summon Powerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming
- Manually choose targets or directions when casting skills. You call the shots!
- Summon attacks to stun, silence, knock airborne, heal and even interrupt enemy skills using precise controls
- Strategy and speed combine. Master them both, and victory is truly in your hands!

Hero Training Powers You Up to Defend the Kingdom
- Role play as diverse hero types, including dozens of unlockable heroes with hundreds of distinctive skills.
- Heroes can be combined in different ways and take the opposition by storm.
- Upgrade your defender with equipment enhancing, rune inlaying, and unique upgrades and abilities for every kind of weapon.
- RPGs and RTS combine to bring you the ultimate Equipment System.

PvP Games in the Ladder Tourney
- Charge to war in a global, cross-server PvP Arena with a turn-based ban/pick phase to level the playing field.
- Defend your victory by strategically banning your opponent’s heroes depending on your own battle plan.
- PvP combat offers awesome rewards for every season!

War Strategy and RTS Gameplay
- RTS combat challenges you to build your tower, upgrade your tech, and dispatch your armies to plunder resources from enemies.
- Defend the kingdom together! Create alliances with millions of players from around the world to thrive in this war-torn landscape.
- RTS battles let you conquer enemies to become the dominant alliance!

Hero Tower Defense Combines Your Favorite Strategy Genres
- An all-new “Hero Tower Defense” concept cleverly combines the heroes of the game with dozens of exquisitely designed Tower Defense stages.
- Drop tower emplacements and activate Hero abilities in real time during exciting battles that you won’t want to put down!
- Defend your based on one-of-a-kind map creations.

Constant Updates Offer
- New heroes
- In-game events
- Weekly updates based on your feedback and suggestions!
- Hard-working developers are constantly updating and improving the gaming experience with new gameplay!

Are you the defender this kingdom needs? Download Magic Rush: Heroes and join the RTS war today!

PLEASE NOTE! Magic Rush is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Magic Rush.

Note: Magic Rush will need to request access to "read the contents of your SD card"
We suggest having at least 1G of space available for download.

Have any questions or issues with the free tower defense RPG adventure game from Elex Tech?
Reach us at:
Twitter: @MagicRushHeroes
Official Forum:
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Magic Rush 1.1.34
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Magic Rush 1.1.32
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Magic Rush 1.1.29
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