PortDroid 0.8.10

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  • Version: 0.8.10
    Version Code: 91
    Package: com.stealthcopter.portdroid
  • 3.95 MB (4,138,832 bytes)
  • Android 5.0+
  • ARM8 ARM7 x86_64 x86
  • file hash (MD5):
  • file signature (SHA1):
  • Permissions (8)
  • Uploaded 2023/19/09
    by Stealthcopter
  • Warning detected: in quene...
  • Tools
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in PortDroid 0.8.16
Introducing a new tool: WiFi Analyzer—scan WiFi networks with ease!
Device Info page given a complete refresh—stay tuned for more enhancements!
Pull-to-refresh now available in Local Network, Device Info, and Ping.
Never miss an update—get prompted for the latest version installations.
New option to opt out of crash reporting.
Better user experience: enhanced visibility for progress bar.
Special thanks to Zen: fixed a bug in DNS lookup not working for RFC8482 compliant hosts.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.8.10
Port Scanner & Multi-IP Port scanner have added informational chips showing SSH software versions, OS and HTTP server details when available.
Ping Graph got some much needed UI love.
DNS Lookup now returns more record types and is much more reliable.
Added principle and alternative names to Certificate Viewer allowing you to identify domains for a given host.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.8.06
Significantly improved ping UI
IPv6 support in most tools!
Added more pricing options for purchasing PortDroid Pro
Port Scanner now shows server header information if present for HTTP/HTTPS servers in a chip
Better explanations for all tools in the app
Heaps more crash fixes, tweaks and improvements!
Loads more to come, stay tuned :)
Whats new in PortDroid 0.7.16
You like flags? sure everyone does. Traceroute now has little flags!
Fixed numerous little bugs and added some quality of life improvements
Whats new in PortDroid 0.7.06
Added Certificate Viewer to inspect TLS certs
Fixed and improved Traceroute
Fixed ping graph crashes
Opening applications from port scanner improved (i.e. HTTP/HTTPS)
More context menu links from all screens (shodan, traceroute, view certificates etc)
Lots of other bug fixes and quality of life improvements
Whats new in PortDroid 0.6.22
Local network scanner now looks up the netmask to figure out the range to scan rather than hardcoding to /24 (256 hosts).
Added CIDR to multi-ip portscanner
Whats new in PortDroid 0.6.17
Added IP calculator
Added settings link to device info
Added refresh button to device info
Fixed portscanner not allowing hostnames with dashes/hyphens
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.26
Fixed a bug in whois lookup not working for some top level domains
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.24
Fixed crash in whois lookup
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.20
Gave the UI some serious love. Totally overhauled DNS lookup and Reverse IP lookup. Drop me a message if there are any issues or feedback.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.18
Fixed issues with the multi-ip scanner
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.16
Fixed DNS lookup
Fixed issue with multi-ip port scanner performing reachability checks when it was disabled
Improved port scanning layouts and added reachability checkbox
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.15
Improved local network scanning speed significantly by performing offline mac lookups.
Added FAQ / started some articles. More articles and tutorials coming soon.
Added fix for some scans still running in background after a stop was requested
Lots of minor UI and performance fixes.
Didn't have time to add all the new features so will have another upgrade in a week or two.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.12
Added dark mode (pro version)
Removed the outdated start wizard in favour of a tool menu
Tidied up a few things
Whats new in PortDroid 0.5.08
Several little UI tweaks including a new logo
Few stability fixes
Groundwork for a few new features coming soon :)
Whats new in PortDroid 0.4.20
Minor update to fix a few bugs and improve the UI slightly. If anyone has any feature requests for the next version, please let me know!
-- Fixed google maps crashing bug --
-- Fixed crash with latest android version --
Whats new in PortDroid 0.4.14
Fixed issue causing pro version to become unset repeatedly.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.4.12
Added fix for multi-ip port scanning not allowing *,- symbols.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.4.08
Lots of optimisations and crash fixes. Local network scanning should be quicker and no longer crash. In app purchases should not crash the app too.
Whats new in PortDroid 0.3.82
Gave wake on lan some love and fixed a few more crashes
Whats new in PortDroid 0.3.80
Turbo charged local network scanning, now finds devices very fast.Fixed a few minor crashes
Whats new in PortDroid 0.3.64
Fixed multi-ip portscan crashFixed traceroute issue
Whats new in PortDroid 0.2.5
• Fixed several crashes• Improved map view• Code tidy up• More changes to come soon
Description of PortDroid
Introducing PortDroid - your trusted app for all network analysis tasks. Designed with network administrators, penetration testers, and technology enthusiasts in mind, this app brings a collection of essential networking tools right at your fingertips.

Here's what you get with PortDroid:

• Port Scanner: Probe any IP for open TCP ports with the added advantage of banner grabbing. Discover web services and let PortDroid suggest external applications for known protocols (ssh, telnet, http, https, ftp, smb etc.).

• Local Network Discovery: Ever wondered who's connected to your Wi-Fi? Identify all devices on your network and dive deeper into their details.

• Ping: Test the responsiveness of any host. Is it online? How quickly does it respond? Find out instantly.

• Traceroute: Track the path your packets take and geo-locate IPs to visualize them on a map.

• Wake-On-Lan (WoL): Wake up your compatible devices from their digital slumber.

• DNS Lookup: Delve into the DNS records of any website.

• Reverse IP Lookup: Discover websites hosted on a specific IP address.

• Whois Lookup: Unearth the registration details behind any domain.

Permissions Required:

• Internet: To facilitate remote connections (ping, port scanning etc.)
• Wi-Fi Connections: For analyzing Wi-Fi networks.
• Network Connections: For examining non-Wi-Fi network connections.
• In-App Purchases: To upgrade to the Pro version and unlock additional features.

PortDroid is highly customizable and in constant development. We are always open to feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. Your input helps us shape the future of PortDroid, so let's connect and build a powerful network analysis tool together!
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