Shredsauce 2.6.06

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  • Version: 2.6.06
    Version Code: 50
    Package: com.shredsauce.shredsauce
  • 109.53 MB (114,850,648 bytes)
  • Android 4.4+
  • ARM7
  • file hash (MD5):
  • file signature (SHA1):
  • Permissions (3)
  • Uploaded 2021/21/12
    by Shredsauce
  • Warning detected: in quene...
  • Sports
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.6.06
- Fixed bug where the flip (vertical) would get stuck causing your character to flip out of control.
- Increased the size of the brush in the gear editor
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.5.20
- In-game menu's restart button fixed
- Grab editor fixes. Character over UI and list of bones doesn't overshoot scroll view.
- nomoreui cheat works for mobile now. Turns UI back on after 2 minutes.
- Fixed level selector sort options. Top rated - All time was in the wrong spot.
- Unfreeze characters upon entering a room (they must also be on version 2.5.20 and above).
- Fixed chat: Could not click on player name to create private chat or scroll
- Fixed level saving progress bar
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.5.16
- Tweak the button layout via the settings menu while in a game
- Fixed frozen player in multiplayer bug (thanks Fred)
- Fixed butters and surface swaps with butter key (thanks shredjolle and liil_timmie)
- Improvements to ground physics
- Fixed the character animation jitters caused by the brake animation staying stuck
- Progress bar added to level editor while saving
- Spectate mode automatically stops if the player spectated player leaves the game
- Other bug fixes and improvements
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.4.4
- Free cam test. Use the cheat "camerasteeze" to activate.
- Optimized multiplayer. Player movement is smoother.
- Back to regular trees.
- Other bug fixes.
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.4
- Christmas trees are back!
- Lobby has a cleaner look
- Fixed characters flailing around
- Grabs line up correctly with hands
- Other bug fixes
- Faster shaders
- Level features loaded remotely in background
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.3.7
Rail tricks and ground tricks option added to custom grabs. Select 'Rail trick' and/or 'Ground trick' from the grab editor to allow users to use your grab on rails or the ground in addition to the air.
Bug fixes to grab editor
Whats new in Shredsauce 2.3.6
Updates to Gear editor
* Added snapback
* Other bug fixes

* Fixed "copy grabs" feature in online multiplayer
* Security updates
* Bug fixes to level selector
Description of Shredsauce
Shredsauce is a freestyle skiing game with realistic physics

Shredsauce is 4 years old today! Celebrate its birthday with the new multiplayer version for mobile
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