Space S 1.2.0

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  • Version: 1.2.0
    Version Code: 1002000
    Package: com.roadhammergaming.Space_S
  • 24.2 MB (25,377,314 bytes)
  • Android 4.0+
  • ARM7 ARM6 x86 mips
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  • file signature (SHA1):
  • Permissions (4)
  • Uploaded 2018/10/06
    by Roadhammer Gaming
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  • Action
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in Space S 1.2.0
IMPORTANT ! This is an optional update! If you have (or had) this app installed and wish to update it you will loose all your old game saves, if you try to load the previous version's game saves the game will crash. This was unavoidable with this release as it complies with the new google play rules regarding targeting the newer android operating systems.
Description of Space S
A salvage and mining company from earth sent a mining expedition to dwarf planet Ceres to collect water and hydrogen, but on the way there a stray meteor hit the ship just before the crew were about to enter landing sequence. Luckilly all survived and parachuted to the surface. Formerly Space S
had sent previous missions which dug the mines and provided crude living quarters. But now with no contact it would be over a year before they were missed, and another year to send a rescue team. All seemed doomed, unless...


Controls: Arrow buttons- Move player around
A button- Use items, give items, find items
Y button- Pause and Menu

When you land there is one cave, explore it and eventually more caves become accessable. In stage 2 if you make it back to Ceres a second time it will be at a time before any caves were dug and will have to find all 4 caves.
Collect all 10 pieces of the time loop crystals and bring them to Captain Rex.
After the time loop machine is created you will go back in time and must make the right decisions, there are 5 possible endings depending on what you decide to do.

Please visit the Space S homepage on my website for more pics, info and walkthrough:
Music by Eric Matyas @
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