Spy Undercover - Love and Fight in Imperial Harem 1.0.0

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  • Version: 1.0.0
    Version Code: 10000
    Package: com.weiwanhudong.findone
  • 29.6 MB (31,038,680 bytes)
  • Android 4.4+
  • ARM8 ARM7
  • file hash (MD5):
  • Permissions (11)
  • Uploaded 2020/17/06
    by Weplay Games
  • Warning detected: in quene...
  • Casual
  • GooglePlay
Description of Spy Undercover - Love and Fight in Imperial Harem
With thousands of gorgeous royal ladies blooming in the imperial harem, who’s going to be accused for the death of his majesty? Why are rumors spreading about the relationship between the young heir and his royal highness?

The mystery of the heir is connected to the fight between the imperial court and harem. While the ladies are calling each other sisters in the harem, poison and knifes and hidden in their hands! Just to fight for one self’s survival in the bloody garden!

The cruel game between betrayal and exploitation, the struggle between power and love, which one would you choose? Choosing one for yourself means losing another to your enemies, is the fight going to successfully lead its way to the throne!?

Each person in the imperial palace is a chess on the board, each strategy in the fight is affecting the final result. Some are loyal, but some are evil; some are smiling in days, but some are dying at night...but only me the spy is going to tell the truth through all the malicious fights!

[Spy Undercover-Special Features]
[1. Various chapters free to play]
-intriguing plots, surprising flips, over 90 levels, presenting you an exciting journey in the mysterious imperial harem!

[2. Have fun in completed chapters]
The chapters in this series are all completed! No need to wait for updates!
Have fun in the imperial harem and see how the concubines and empress fight for power and love! Who’s going to stay next to his majesty? Who’s going to cry alone at night? More unexpected plots about the betrayal in imperial class, waiting for you to explore!

[3. Surprising plots, who’s gonna survive?]
Why are the innocent imperial concubine confined, while the maids are getting his majesty’s favour? Who’s poison is it in the tea? Who’s trick to cause miscarriage and disguise the imperial heir with a fox? With opposing parties fighting against each other, who’s going to win the throne after the bloody storm? Is it Prince Zhennan or the young heir?

[4. Watch out for the traps!]
Even the gorgeous rose has sharp thorns, who knows who’s going to stab you in the back while calling you the dearest sisters? Who knows who has put the killing poison in the morning tea shared at the table? ...Are you going to be insightful enough to help the imperial class to resolve the issues in the harem?

Our new series “Spy Undercover” is now kicked off! Are you ready to play? Got courage and strategies? Can you stay alive while investigating the mysterious cases in the imperial harem? Let’s get the exciting plot started!
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