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  • Version: 1.1
    Version Code: 3
    Package: com.meowbaby.qwow.en
  • 44.6 MB (46,766,634 bytes)
  • Android 4.1+
  • ARM6
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  • Permissions (18)
  • Uploaded 2018/21/06
    by ChopperSama
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  • Role Playing
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in storm wing 1.1
Fix possible conflicts for installation.
Description of storm wing
[the development team]
*** original conscience work, free role playing single adventure RPG, mass random attribute equipment waiting for you!
*** checkpoint hidden monster, random artifact, waiting for you to explore!!
*** unique cool wings and treasure, all kinds of rare properties, can be obtained without spending money, real game of conscience!!!
1. Play with rich, simple operation mode, and have fun not to burn the brain;
2. Don't have boring plot tasks, brush the materials to synthesize the equipment, and kill various BOSS;
3. Strong collection, hundreds of different kinds of equipment, more than 10 sets of suits, strong suit properties, satisfying your collection desire;
4. Possessed with enchants to strengthen recasting, random attributes, to build the strongest soldiers;
Dozens of chapters of hundreds of different monsters and bosses waiting for you to challenge, monster drawing, waiting for you to open;
6. No money can also be used to get cool and crazy wings and treasure, real game of conscience;
7. Improved proficiency in forging of workshop, and can synthesize more advanced equipment;
When the daily tasks are done, give them a diamond.
9. Brush exploration, copy and brush the tower, obtain a large amount of material, almost all the equipment can be synthesized in the workshop;
10. The rare monster brush can drop, randomly produce all kinds of rare elite monsters, hide BOSS, let you brush the sense of achievement is ok;
11. The equipment is divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange and red, and the attributes are random, and the red level represents the artifact with additional rare properties to help you brush the DuangDuangDuang.
12. Rich achievements and title systems, more diamonds and extra attribute rewards, to help you with your BOSS's help;
13. Cool skills matching, different types of skill sets, and more than just talk about the class.
[player comment]
Classic single-player RPG games, free diamonds, free to play well.
-- groundhog love radish
Brush material dozen equipment, the workshop synthesis equipment practice proficiency, this design feels too kind, like playing WOW.
The sea -
It's fun to play a single role playing RPG, but it's not a no-brainer, it's mostly free, and you can get a lot of diamonds and a word for the video.
-- golden state
The wings look good on the cow X, the effect is super cool, especially the high order wings, add the attribute also quite cost-effective, the high order treasure can also be added to hide a monster to appear the probability.
- l. Jay
Simple and easy to use the single machine RPG game, this is the true feelings of the game, let the people truly experience the fun of the game, good, click the likes!
- duo duo meow
Dozen strange can go out of the artifact, open the box to come out the chance of the artifact is higher, too cool, like to brush the material explosive equipment of the students not to miss!
-- Lord Joe
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