Clash of Lords 2: حرب الأبطال 1.0.161

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  • Version: 1.0.161
    Version Code: 1000161
  • 63.55 MB (66,639,750 bytes)
  • Android 4.0.3+
  • ARM7
  • file hash (MD5):
  • Permissions (23)
  • Uploaded 2019/13/06
    by IGG.COM
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  • Strategy
  • GooglePlay
Whats new in 1.0.161
New features:
1. New stomach: eternal spear.
2. New Champion Ze: Admiral Ghost Princess Wars.
3. Open booster: Air defense.
4. New magic skill IV: piercing attacks.
5. New Event: Lords Challenge.
6. Old soul fragments can be used to collect symbols.

Improvements and balance:
1. The next hero will be deployed immediately if the hero dies while being "ineligible" in the Champions Arena or the Battlefield.
2. You can now check the packet rewards below the series (I, II, III, VI)
3. Improved the user interface for the rule.
Whats new in 1.0.158
New additions:
1. Open up the hero: the gunner.
2. Add skills upgrade (the relay interface) for the champion: Safan and the hero: Tidal goalkeeper.
3. A new development system for the clan monster.
4. Valentine's Day:
A) Adding a system of points of friendship.
B) Collect friendship points to win great rewards and open exclusive frames and images.

Improvements and modifications:
1) clan base:
2) Return the treasure of hell with improved rewards.
3) Reset the first purchase packages.
4) Increase the storage limit of speed cards to 65,000.
Whats new in 1.0.156
New updates for version 1.0.156:
1. New Champion: Regender
2. New Event: Snowman Runaway
a. The Runaway Man stole all the New Year's gifts!
B. Defeat the runaway snowman who will appear in your castle to get points you can replace with fantastic rewards.
C. Collect new year boxes to get the Friendship Awards.
3. New Event: Back for the New Year
Improvements and modifications:
1. Adjust Wheel Wheel Rewards
2. Increase the number of rings collected when drawing heroes
3. Improve the display of heroes' characteristics in the formation of heroes
Whats new in 1.0.155
New updates with version 1.0.155

1. Open the ascension for both Titan and the magic of the morning.
2. Add the development of skills for both the queen of monsters and the princess of wars.
3. Changes in the tower of masters.
a. Improved discount selection.
B. Add revenge battles.
C. Maximum power reduction.
Dr.. Adjust bonus for additional tasks.
Whats new in 1.0.154
New additions:
1. New addition: Enable equipment
2. The new addition: the legendary weapons depot
- The legendary weapons depot (Legends Hall of Equipment)
- The equipment that has been enabled can be included in the legendary weapons warehouse to obtain distinctive rewards
3. New royal battles have been added: the malignant institute, the twisted maze and the corridor of hell
4. Development of the level of the clan workshop was added. Their development leads to increased conversion efficiency for clan members
Whats new in 1.0.153
New Features:
1. A new hero with us in the war of heroes "Safan".
2. The Treasure of Hell is now available in the Heroes' War.
- Large armies of enemies will attack the rules of the players.
- Defend your village from monsters of Hell Treasure and win prizes according to your order.
- Share hell treasure boxes (you'll find them in hell treasure) with your friends to get more prizes!
3. New phase in the property battle: Mausoleum Chaos (opened in the next reset).
Whats new in 1.0.151
New Features:
1. Add new: Tower of the Masters
2. Upgrading is now available for both hell and pilot dragon
3. New property: frame and personal picture

Organize arrangements for all battles and game contests
2. Edit the circuit awards
3. Modifying battlefield times
4. Add some new selections in the Legends Hall
Whats new in 1.0.150
New Features:
1. New champion: Tidal goalkeeper
2. Add the system points of engagement to the battlefield
- The losing player will receive the points of participation according to his performance
- After getting a certain number of points of participation, they will be automatically converted to the battlefield points
- The higher your rank on the battlefield, the more participation points required
3. New Event: Tower of the Masters
1. Add "Select all as read" button to reports of resource looting and defense battles
2. Improve the interface of various events and daily
Whats new in 1.0.149
To solve the problem of not entering the game after the new update for Android phones
Whats new in 1.0.145
Increase the maximum level of heroes
1. Hero level can be upgraded up to 220 level.
2. The champions can level 200 and upgrade 25 using the Flashlight to raise the maximum level.
3. "Training Tower" is now available at the clan base.
4. Send Heroes from Level 25 Uphill Training in the Training Tower to get the Flash Crystal.

1. Store up to 200 mail.
2. Add the "Receive All" and "Delete All" properties.
3. After updating, you will not be able to access your private mail, and you must update to the latest version in order to access it.
Description of Clash of Lords 2: حرب الأبطال
Ranked among the top 10 strategic games in the world
She has a 4.6 star rating worldwide
With the advent of a new era in the game of heroes' war and the accession of the invading king to the battlefield, you can now strengthen and strengthen your favorite heroes in front of your eyes

Challenge other players in the fun and fun arena of the hero, where it has evolved to include many ways to play that you have not seen before. And now there is not
Better than this time to start fighting with all these changes and updates

The War of Champions is a strategy game that is fun and innovative. Recruit more than 40 heroes with their own mercenary soldiers, build your combat bases to withstand the attacks of others, and play with your friends and opponents in 9 modes for PVP and PVE. Let's get ready to fight now!

Game Features
- You are in control of the movement now! The possibility of activating the battle skills of real-time heroes of the battle.
- Integrate heroes and troops into the new mercenary mode.
- Play on your own way! With 9 modes for PVP and PVE, there will always be something fun to do!
- Kill with your friends! With a strong clan system you will be given the space to fight with or against your allies.
- Free Game! Enter the Heroes' War game every day to get free heroes and gems.

* This game requires Internet access.

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