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Whats new in 2.41.0
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Whats new in 2.40.0
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Whats new in 2.39.0
This time we have optimized the performance & operating experience and hope to bring you a better shopping experience!
Whats new in 2.38.0
Every month we will continue to optimize and update, I hope to bring you a better shopping and use experience!
Whats new in 2.37.0
5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Just after 2018 came to 2019, it is time to commemorate the Lunar New Year!

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Whats new in 2.36.7
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Whats new in 2.35.0
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Whats new in 2.34.5
Come and see our latest developments and adjustments!
The update includes:
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2. Optimize the interface display
Whats new in 2.33.5
Come and see our latest developments and adjustments!

The update includes:
1. Adjust the connection exception page: As long as you have already logged in, you can display the member barcode without internet.
2. Adjust the interface display

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Whats new in 2.31.0
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Whats new in 2.29.0
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Whats new in 2.28.0
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Whats new in 2.26.1
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Whats new in 2.25.0
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Whats new in 2.23.0
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Whats new in 2.22.0
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Whats new in 2.21.0
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Whats new in 2.20.0
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Description of BeautyMaker美妝商城
【feature of product】
1. Instant Push: Kevin recommends the latest makeup, limited time, and beauty messages!
2. 24H Shopping: Facebook account or mobile phone number can easily join members, 24H shopping does not fight!
3. Beauty recommendation: Developed by Kevin, the high CP value makeup recommended by bloggers and TV shows!
4. Theme planning: The theme packaging that matches the topic, so that you can easily “make up” your own style!
5. Kevin video: teaching makeup techniques, draw a makeup that suits you so easy!
6. Quick checkout: Easy and simple checkout method, making shopping more time-saving!
7. Peace of mind shopping: 7 days free appreciation period, so that shopping is safe!
8. Personal Collection: Collecting items of interest, eliminating the hassle of repeated searches!

"Kevin Beauty Makeup" is a BeautyMaker brand app created by Kevin and PayEasy. It provides the most suitable makeup products, technique teaching and popular information for Asian women. Kevin claims that he is like one of the most discerning consumers.妳 Choose the best brand, do the strictest checks, and let you use it with peace of mind. Through the "Kevin Beauty Makeup" app, you can get the latest beauty information anytime, anywhere, so that you can choose the most suitable MIT make-up products for you.
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